What is the meaning of the Ringing animation after starting the application?


Some users have reported a Ringing animation after starting the application in his/her computer. Sometimes that animation disappears until several minutes or only takes some seconds.

Is there any workaround to solve that issue ?
What can I say to the users who report that problem ?

Hello! This doesn’t sound like it’s something coming from our application. Are they using Windows or Mac? It could be OS related. Will you please add a screenshot of the issue here or send it to support@freeconferencecall.com. We’d like to investigate this. Thank you!

The OS is Windows 7. I did attach a couple of pics related to the problem and the computer.


I will take these screen shots and information and send it to my support team to investigate. I will send you also be sending you a direct message to gather some information. Thank you.


could you please provide me your email address to contact you? Or would you like to be contacted on here?

Thank you.

Thanks for your attention, I prefer to be contacted this way.