Why attendee List on web view always loops?

Dear teams,
Can you check why the attendee List on web view, always looping?
example: Actual starting is 100++, suddenly system was a loop down to 20+ and up, and loop looks like never-ending. Can your team solve these issues? Thank you.


We apologize for the inconvenience, to look into this please call into customer care 844-844-1322 to submit a trouble ticket. Our team will be able to look into this to see if there may be an issue. Additional information will be needed to submit a trouble ticket. Thank you.

the issues, from attendee List 100++, go down to 20 attendees and running up,
20, 40, 100++, and loop down again.

Sorry, I am a bit confused with your description. If you could record your screen while you demonstrating the problem (using our application!) and share this recording with me?