Why attendee List on web view always loops?

Dear teams,
Can you check why the attendee List on web view, always looping?
example: Actual starting is 100++, suddenly system was a loop down to 20+ and up, and loop looks like never-ending. Can your team solve these issues? Thank you.


We apologize for the inconvenience, to look into this please call into customer care 844-844-1322 to submit a trouble ticket. Our team will be able to look into this to see if there may be an issue. Additional information will be needed to submit a trouble ticket. Thank you.

the issues, from attendee List 100++, go down to 20 attendees and running up,
20, 40, 100++, and loop down again.

Sorry, I am a bit confused with your description. If you could record your screen while you demonstrating the problem (using our application!) and share this recording with me?

sure, but how to upload the recording here?
I have recorded the problem.
can you guide me, how to share the recording?

answered in private message. For others who are interested - your can share recording via “History and Recording” page

Thanks for the simple and easy way to do it. Here I’m attaching the recorded for your reference. Btw, thank you so much.