Why my PC audio doesn't work?

Hello! Today I tried to connect for the 3rd times, from 2 different computers (win 8), but I cannot succed in listening anything… Clicking on the phone, after choising PC option, I read a message in italian like “please enable audio access on the browser”. I used Chrome, and I had already activate this option… What can I do more to listen audio? Thanks everybody! :slight_smile:


I apologize for the issues you and your callers may have experienced while attempting the use of our service. Have you tried accessing the mic and speaker through Chrome? Are you connecting through the desktop app or mobile app? To better troubleshoot I recommend calling into customer service, we are here 24/7.

Thank you Sophia, I use FCC_installer_f1ef0bbe.exe, and I’d like to resolve via forum, since my technical spoken english is not so good… :slight_smile:

I will try my best to troubleshoot through the forum.

Do you plug in a mic n speakers or is this built in?

What type of headset are you using?
Have you gone to your actual “sound settings” on your PC? If so, does it show as active when you speak through the mic?

Thank you, Sophia!
I use a built in speakers and mic, and my actual sound settings works fine with f.i. Youtube…

Today faced with a similar problem. I could not connect to an online conference through a computer and listen to audio. When I connected the microphone, it worked.
Is it possible to listen to sound without a microphone?

Unfortunately in order to use the mic and speaker feature, you will need to have a mic and speaker connected to your computer. But there are other ways you can listen in on a conference call.

If you have a smartphone you can download our mobile application and dial in using WiFi. Or if the host of the account activates the “Radio” feature on his “Meeting Wall”, that will allow participants to listen to the live call from their computer. If you have any other questions please contact our 24 hour customer care at 1-844-844-1322. Thank you.