“You’ve been places on hold...”

Our meetings are constantly being interrupted by “You’ve been places on hold. Please wait for [host] to return.” at irregular (every 1-20 secs), and sometimes echoing intervals.

The web controls have not been touched.

The only thing I can think of to change on our side is to always have a host (which we don’t usually; we just start our meeting). Is there something else’s that can correct this or permanently silence that notification?

This mostly has never happened. Been using this service for years. Now it’s so bad it’s like our line is hacked. It starts about 10mins in. For about 4-5 days straight now! Please help!


Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any issues you are experiencing when trying to your conference line. We’d like to troubleshoot with you to make sure we address the issues so that you may hold future meeting with confidence. We have sent you a private message or you may contact us at 844-844-1322.

I believe this happens when your host receives incoming phone call to his/her phone. When host answers this call, his/her conference line goes on hold and her telephone plays the prompt that bothers you

Some telephones may play music to the line that is currently on hold.

If my guess is correct - this is something that we can not fix as this is happening on the enduser phone.

Thank you,

Thank you for your responses. I can ensure you Eugene, your scenario is not the case. All attendants join prior to starting the meeting.

As there is no official host (no one applies the host id), I’m not clear as to why we ALL hear, loudly, the message. And it’s on repeat. Again, going off every 1-20 secs. Inconsistently. Sometimes even overlapping.

There were rare occasions where the music failed to end with all the connections we had, but the issue of discussion happens much more often.

Usually, after a few days this issue stops. I only assumed some change on your end fixed things. However, this time, it been everyday for almost a week.

I will try the phone number given during the day. Thank you.


we can setup a really simple test.

  • login to our web as host and open web controls during the conference
  • you will see who is taking at any point of time
  • when you hear the prompt, notice who was talking and mute that line via web controls.

I am sufficiently confident that you won’t hear this prompt again until you unmute that person. If this works as I said - the only conclusion is that this person is feeding this prompt into the conference as if he/she says it himself.

also, as the one who built our conferencing platform I am 100% sure that we simply do not have this prompt anywhere in the system.

“You’ve been places on hold. Please wait for [host] to return.”

So even if wanted we would not be able to play it to the conference.

Please consider to invite someone from our Customer Support to your next conference so they help you to resolve this problem when it happens.

Thank you,

Thank you. I tried logging in as host and we did not experience the issue. If it arises again I will certainly forward the invite.

Thank you both again.