Breakout Rooms Instructions?

According to this webpage:,number%20and%20participant%20access%20code. is supposed to be able to do breakout rooms. How do I actually do this? I can’t find any instructions anywhere. Thanks

Here’s another link that seems to indicate that you can do breakout rooms on

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when you call in,you just press*3
idk when in app

Our service offers the ability to do breakout rooms by pressing *3 on the phone. You can find the complete instructions by going to our support page followed by host instructions.

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Is it possible on desktop application?

This is quite a hidden feature in the desktop app
First you need to find the keypad (see the instruction from this post How to upgrade yourself to the host if you joined as a participant)
Then you can use DTMF commands explained above (like *3).

We know it is not convenient. We have plans to have better support of break out rooms in the application.

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Hi,is there any way to disable the breakout rooms/only allow people to join if host approve them? Thank you