Huddle subscription


New user here with question and suggestion.

  1. Is Huddle blocked for EU users? Tried starting free trial, but shopping cart ends up empty every time.

Also, I would like to second this thread: Upload Contacts
Was searching for exactly same thing. Please allow import of csv or excel address book so we can assign names to contacts.

Thank you!

Please provide your email address and we will check your account You can also email us on . For the names, you can edit them on Web controls page during the meeting and they will be saved for future calls.

Hello Mikeyy,

Thank you for reaching out.
Huddle is not currently supported in the EU.
Huddle is a USA-based package for the now.

Would you provide the online meeting id and access code for the account in question?
I would like to see how you are finding the Huddle Packages.
Did you get a pop-up or a banner to start your free trial?
Was the Huddle package offer to you via a banner, if you verifed your email, after signing up?

Regarding your new feature request: I have submitted your suggestion to our product team for review.
For the time being, you can edit your participants’ names from the ‘web controls’ page online.

How to find the ‘web controls’ page:
1.) Login to your account via your web browser
2.) Select ‘Online Meeting’ from the top banner
3.) Select ‘Web Controls
You can edit the names of your participants during the live call by selecting the pencil icon next to their phone number, entering the prefered name, and selecting ‘confirm

Thank you for answer.

I don’t remember how I saw it, but it was on Huddle from
Don’t really need it, just wanted to support FCC somehow and maybe be able to play around with welcome message etc.

You can use Custom Greeting feature for a welcome message. You can find all paid upgrades on your Account Dashboard page when you log in to the account.