New Interface - Love it or Hate it


I tried out the BETA, and immediately went back to the old version due to the HUGE empty frame in the new version which, I’m guessing, is only there in the event you wish to show video - which we NEVER do. Also, not allowing us to pop out the forms for attendees and chat forces us to keep that HUGE new interface on the screen. I’ve had colleagues say it takes up 25% of their laptop’s screen real estate. On my 27" iMac it swallows up 7" to 10" of the upper corner. Minimizing it is NOT an option as I use the attendees list to mute people that are being particularly loud in the background. I’m forced to leave both the attendee list and chat open at all times, even while we are sharing my screen. This new version is a classic case of form over function. Booo! Why don’t you move all of the controls at the bottom to the far-right, and allow the user to collapse the video frame out of sight? Also, give the attendee list and chat feature a pop-out option for when you minimize the interface. We will be looking at other vendors because of the lose of these most basic features.


We too will be looking for a new vendor. A floating window that you cannot minimize is a disaster for a stock trader. I mentioned it in feedback from the beta version and now I am forced top use it. We will be gone in a week.


Thank you for the feedback. We will definitely consider the possibility to detach Attendee List and Chat from the main window. In this case you’ll be able to keep open only what you want leaving other windows minimized.

As for the compact mode: in the coming release we are adding a possibility to close it or resize to leave only buttons visible


Instantly collapsing the control window definitely took me by surprise. I too need chat list of attendees handy. Moderators especially!
I record, and sometimes leave a meeting early. Is there a way to set a timer to stop the recording after N minutes?


Consider using “Continue Without Host” setting in Meeting Settings. It will stop the meeting if host is not present more than given amount of minutes



My attendees cannot log in. I cannot figure out how to host a meeting.

It seems every week there’s a new method to log in.

I can’t deal with a constantly changing platform. I’ll have to use something else if we can’t stabilize the system.

Can we just settle on an interface and use it for like 20 years so I don’t have to learn a new software every week?


Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. On behalf of, we apologize for the poor experience you are having with the new UI. I have sent you a private message. We’d love to troubleshoot with you and walk you through the new updates. In addition, we have daily Public Training session that we offer to all customers found here


It’s AWFUL! My whole team hates it and has been very frustrated all week.

  1. When you’re hosting it has the way too large small box that gets int he way and you can’t minimize it
  2. The small box no longer is green which was very helpful in reminding you were projecting so that when a meeting ends you remember to stop sharing or end the meeting!!!
  3. even though our settings say to ding when people join mid-meeting, it’s not announcing new people. This is TERRIBLE!!! We rely on knowing someone new has joined in, such as an owner, and we might go back to our formal meeting vs. informal conversation waiting for them!!!
  4. When you’re attending and you put something in front of the screen to check another application or help research something to answer a question etc., the annoying little box is in the way again. So you’d think you could just click it to see the full screen share back front and center, but no, it’s useless, just annoying and in the way
  5. You have to resize the stupid screen share EVERY SINGLE meeting. The default is too small, but I don’t want full screen. Just remember the size I resized it last time. We have to do this multiple times a day
  6. When you launch it, you have to click “I will decide later” to see the screen share, that makes zero sense. My team doesn’t want to force people to enter in a code to tie the phone number to the person. We have each others numbers memorized. This should not be mandatory, you should have a more logical choice, like “I’m dialed in”. The entire team has been confused all week. It makes no sense to force a change like this on all of us. I might want to use that feature in 1 out of 50 calls.

It feels like FCC did very little user testing on this. And what about sending us an email in advance to prepare us for this and login early and test it out vs. figuring it out live on a very important call with owners.



Hello Susan,

On behalf of, we apologize for the poor experience you had using the new desktop application. We value your feedback and have sent it to our Product Development team.

There was a beta program available for a few months before the release that allowed a user to test and provide feedback. In addition to that, emails were sent to users on 8/27, 9/03 and 9/10 notifying you of the upcoming release.

There will be a release updating the compact model in the next month that will allow users to fully minimize the application to the tray.

We are continuing to work on updating the application based on user feedback and will continue to release improvements. We appreciate your time and value your suggestions during the process.