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I received an email from FCC as follows a few back:

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## Account Status Change

Two weeks ago, we asked our Indian users for help. To help us support the cost of our network, unlimited conferencing, complete with video and screen sharing, will become paid features soon. Your current account will remain free, but you will only be able to host meetings that are 40 minutes or less.

This change to your account will allow us to continue offering free communications to millions of underserved communities around the world.

We realize this service means a lot to you, so we want to make sure you have every opportunity to keep it for a price that we hope you think is fair. To keep unlimited audio and video conferencing, with virtual backgrounds, screen sharing, and drawing tools, we are only asking ₹400/month. Tap the button below and select your payment method to continue.

In response to it, I replied on 6th December 2021 to & Since then I sent two reminders but I received no response to date. I’m reproducing the contents of my email here:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greetings! :grinning::bouquet:

Trust this email finds you and all family members safe and healthy.

This has reference to your trailing email. I tried to upgrade my account by paying ₹400 as mentioned. When I logged in to my account, I was taken to a page where it was asking me to pay in USD. A screenshot is shared below:

When I see the pricing of FCC without logging in to my account, I get the following details (please see the screenshot):

How can I pay in INR? As I am an Indian resident, can I get the benefit of GST credit by sharing my GST credentials? When I select India as the country of billing, it still shows pricing in USD ($0).

Furthermore, there’s a promotion for Huddle. What’s Huddle and how it is different from FCC? Do I need to create a separate account for Huddle? Do I need to download different apps for Windows and Android devices?

Warm regards,

Rahul Dev`

Can someone here help me resolve my queries?

Warm regards,

Rahul Dev

A few minor corrections in my message:

…a few “weeks” back.

I sent email to & not to

I regret the inconvenience.

Hello Rahul, all of your accounts have INR as currency, except 1 account with access code 129921 which has USD as currency. This account doesn’t have 40 minutes limitation

Dear @ekanatkin, I have only one account with as the login id. I don’t remember about any other account. Can you please confirm what all accounts that you are talking about?

What about my other queries? Can you please reply to them?

Warm regards,

Rahul Dev

Ok for this email there is only 1 account. As this is US account, so it doesn’t have 40 minute limitation. Huddle is premium version of Free Conference Call. Now you have free trial version of Huddle active. You don’t need to use different app for this. More information on Huddle features you can find here: Free Audio Conferencing |

Hi @ekanatkin,

So it means, I don’t essentially need to pay up for using FCC. Right? Why am I getting emails to pay for the subscription? It may not happen that accepting your version about my account, I do not renew my subscription & I get disconnected after 40 minutes during an important meeting or a presentation.

I have some other related doubts & queries in the continuation as follows:

  1. Why Indian subscribers are being singled out to pay for the subscription?
  2. What’s the link to get an Indian account, if I have to suggest someone?
  3. Can I convert my account to an Indian account as the current account shows settings for US users?

Warm regards,

Rahul Dev

You can use this particular account for free. Did you receive these email to ? When you get disconnected, what dial-in number and access code do you use?
And to answer your questions:

  1. Some of the countries we provide services for have limitations or paid subscriptions, it depends on how expensive are PSTN/Voip services for our company to provide in this particular country. India is one of such countries.
  2. There is no link, signup country will depend on your geolocation.
  3. You can change country in settings: Free Audio Conferencing |

Yes, I received these emails on I didn’t get disconnected ever. I was wondering if I don’t renew my subscription, I may get limited to 40 min duration. Now you have clarified that I need not pay for any subscription, I’m relieved.

When I signed up, my geolocation was exactly the same as it is now. I didn’t move even an inch since then. I’m using the same table & chair at the same place that I was using then, approx. 3-4 years back. I don’t understand when my IP address is in India, how your server is detecting my geolocation in the US.

As far as changing my country setting is concerned, there is no option to set it as India.

As you can see in the image above, when I select a country, I don’t find India in the list.

Hello Rahul,

My name is Randy and I am one of the Product Managers here at FreeConferenceCall. Let me try to help clear up your account’s status.

As Egor mentioned, we are asking our users in India to pay for our services. However, because you have been a longtime user of FreeConferenceCall, we extended free access to the full FCC product for your account. You do not need to purchase anything in order to keep using the full product. Your calls will not be cutoff at 40 minutes. The message regarding needing to upgrade was sent to you in error and we apologize for any confusion. You do not need to pay to have conferences longer than 40 minutes. I see that you currently are on the 30 day trial of the Huddle Individual Upgrade. You can cancel this upgrade if you wish and you will not be required to pay for conferences over 40 minutes.

Thank you,
FCC Product Team

@rsinnott Hello Randy! :blush::blush:

Thanks for your kind reply. However, many points in my previous messages remain unaddressed. Can you please address them also?

Warm regards,

Rahul Dev


I checked your information. You indeed signed up from India, yet your signup country is set to US (may be it is because you signed up long time ago and we did not have accurate information back then).
You can change your current country to India (yes, we fixed the problem you reported), however it won’t make you an Indian customer as we decide which regional offer to give basing on the signup country (not what users set themselves).

I also send you a private message. Please check it out.

Thank you,

Thanks, I changed my country. I replied to your private message also.